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Where's Waldo Local 2022

Are you interested in participating as a business partner in our 2022 Where's Waldo Scavenger Hunt? This is the place! Please read through the instructions, then sign up by giving us a call.

Find Waldo Local is a creative and fun way to highlight all thats wonderful about our local indie businesses, and we hope you’ll want to join in. The plan, outlined below, is sure to drive customersboth old and newto your business while underscoring the unique character of our town/city, promoting our “Shop Local” message, and bolstering our shared sense of community in San Marino!

So we announce . . . FIND WALDO IN SAN MARINO!

This July, our bookstore will be hosting an exciting monthlong scavenger hunt to find Waldo in about twenty-five participating local businesses. We’ll give you a six-inch Waldo standee to display (atop the cash register, on the ceiling, on the back of your front door, peeking out of a shirt pocket—anywhere you’d like!). We’ll also give you a bunch of “Find Waldo Local” stamp cards with the names of participating merchants. You simply stamp or sign the stamp card of anyone who spots the Waldo standee in your business and wants to play. For anyone who’s just starting the game, you hand them a new stamp card. Throughout the month there will be prizes awarded to the players, and on Saturday, August 6th there’ll be a big Waldo shindig at our bookstore with local media and assorted hoopla.

Find Waldo Local launched in 2012, and since then, hundreds of indie bookstores have hosted successful Waldo scavenger hunts across America. The local businesses that have participated have come to rely on the annual July event as an essential way to generate enthusiasm and grow their customer base. One merchant declared, “We were amazed at the number of new people who had never been in our store before. Waldo-spotting definitely increased foot traffic to our store and increased awareness of the local businesses in our town.”

The scavenger hunt is a month long event for our community sponsored by the publisher of the iconic book series. The concept is simple- each participant gets a stamp card to fill up as they find hidden Waldo cut-outs around town! Winners receive prizes and we have a party!

Each Waldo hunter gets a “Find Waldo in San Marino!” stamp card to help them find Waldo and log their search. Waldo hunters may visit the participating businesses, including yours, listed on the passport in any order. Waldo is hidingsomewherein each of the listed businesses. Hes six inches tall, and he might be in any public part of the establishment. We'll bring you that cutout as soon as you're signed up.

Put up the Shop Local, Find Waldo Here window cling in your store window or on your front door. This can happen in June, but the scavenger hunt starts July 1. Note: In order to stick, the cling must have the printed side adhered to the window.

Put the Waldo standee out somewhere in your establishment on July 1. Waldo can move from place to place in your business, but he must be in a public area. You want people to look around your shop but dont want to make it so difficult that they get annoyed.

If participants are beginning their Waldo hunt at your business, you can give them a new “Find Waldo in San Marino!” stamp card.

After a participant spots your Waldo figure, stamp or sign their stamp card.

The first 125 players who collect store stamps/signatures from at least 10 different businesses and turn their passports in to the host bookstore win a participation prize, a Waldo temporary tattoo and a $1 Off coupon. Players who collect at least 20 stamps/signatures win a temporary tattoo and a $1 Off coupon PLUS they are entered in a drawing on August 6th for other prizes.

Of course we would love your business to contribute a prize as well, but it's optional! Wed love to display them at the bookstore and on our website, and of course, on social media.

Team play is acceptable, but prizes, other than stickers and coupons, are single.

Last day of the Scavenger Hunt and last day to turn in stamp cards: July 31.

On August 6, well have a Waldo party in the bookstore, inviting the press and local dignitaries to take part in the prize drawing. You, as one of the participating businesses, are especially welcome to come by for refreshments, congratulations, and fun!

To sign up, for questions, or for more supplies, call us at the store at 626-234-2430 or respond to us by email or on social media. The deadline to sign up for participation is June 27.Thank you and let's have fun!